Local Housing Available – Bergh Apton  

A local needs affordable home (a 2 bedroom house) will soon
be available for re-letting by Saffron Housing Trust at Tenwinter
Pightle, Berghapton
The property will be advertised, by Saffron, on the South
Norfolk HomeOptions System from Thursday, 5 th
October until the following Wednesday, 11 th October.
This home has been built first and foremost for people who are
in need of affordable housing who have a local connection to
Bergh Apton. That ‘local connection’ includes currently living
in the village; and/or working there; and/or having previously
lived there and now wishing to return.
The property is then next prioritised for households from the
neighbouring parishes of Alpington, Yelverton, Brooke and
Anyone already on the South Norfolk Housing Register will
need to express their interest (‘bid’) through the South
Norfolk ‘HomeOptions’ website:
Other interested residents who are not on the Housing
Register should contact the Housing Advice Service here at
South Norfolk Council to join the Housing Register
(‘HomeOptions’) immediately.  They will need to provide proof
of their residency or working qualification criteria as well as
other verification details.  During the week that the properties
are advertised on the HomeOptions system people will need to
actively apply ‘(bid’) for them, and the Council’s Housing
Officers will be able to provide details of how to do this.  For
further information people should telephone for free on:
0808 168 2222.

Parish Council Changes 2017

Bergh Apton Parish Council has had some recent changes which we would like to share with residents.

At the AGM on 17th May Liz Robinson stepped down as Chairman and the Parish Council would like to thank her for her time and huge efforts whilst being in post.  We wish Liz all the best for the future.

Philippa Fuller has also resigned as Clerk and the Parish Council would also like to thank her for her invaluable assistance over many years.  The new Clerk is Julie Gosling who has lived in the village for the past 25 years.

The Parish Council is now complete with 7 Councillors and a new Chairman in place.  With a full strength Parish Council this will allow us to be more pro-active on issues affecting the village and exciting times are ahead. Currently the Parish Council is looking at the way in which the CIL money from various developments in the village can be spent to enhance our environment and if anyone wishes to make suggestions we would be much appreciative.

If you wish to attend the Parish Council meetings these will be held at the Village Hall on 25th  July, 20th  September and 22nd  November at 7.30 am or if you wish make contact please email the Clerk on clerk@berghapton.org.uk or 01508 480416.

Councillor’s names and contact details:

David Skedge (Chairman) 01508 550709 desidolci@hotmail.com

Janet Skedge 01508 550709 desidolci@hotmail.com

Hugh Porter 01508 480433 hughporter2004@yahoo.co.uk

Renata Thornber 01508 558368 renatasteggles@yahoo.co.uk

Paul Thornber 01508 558368 pthornber@yahoo.co.uk

Richard Herring 01508 550381 Richardandjillherring@gmail.com

John Ling 01508 480439 john.ling@btinternet.com


Julie Gosling

Parish Council Meeting Agenda

Bergh Apton Parish Council

Agenda for a Parish Council Meeting Tuesday

25th July 2017 at 7.30 pm in The Village Hall

All members of the Press & Public are welcome to attend

  • Apologies for Absence & Declarations of Interest
  • Minutes of Meetings Held On 23rd June 2017
  • Matters Arising
  • Public Consultation
  • County Councillor’s Report – Barry Stone
  • District Councillor’s Report – John Fuller
  • Playground
  • Bus Shelter Repairs
  • Finance
    • Account audit progress
    • 2 new signatories
    • Playground Inspection Fee – £79.80
    • Community Governance Review – Update
    • Greater Norwich Local Plan – Update
    • Community Infrastructure Levy – CIL

Speed Management

  • Planning
    13.1 Planning Guidelines on Recreation Provision
  • Plaque for the Rowan
  • Adoption of Telephone Box
  • Website
  • Parish Partnership Scheme Initiative – Local Highway Improvements
  • Feedback from CPRE meeting
  • Events and Correspondence
  • Items for Future Agendas

Future Dates for Meetings:       20th September, 22nd  November


Dear Parishioners

You will no doubt have seen the notification,from John Fuller, on the Parish Website regarding the Community Governance Review.
The Parish Council also wishes you to have your say by visiting :- http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/communitygovernancereview1/


There appears to be a trend to no longer have each Village represented by their own Council but for Parish Councils to merge. One of the reasons is cost. We are concerned that from the article published our parishoners may feel that Bergh Apton cannot sustain the cost of a Parish Clerk. We wish to reassure all of you that this is not the case. We are solvent with a considerable bank balance which will more than pay for the clerk and additionally there is the funding for us to take steps to improve the village such as bringing in speed restrictions to protect walkers, dog walkers, horse riders and the wildlife. If you are intending to complete the survey please therefore do not make your decision based on the solvency of the Parish Council, we would reiterate we can comfortably afford a Clerk!


The thought of amalgamation with other villages brings risk. Mundham and Seething Parochial Councils merged in 1604 and the people in each village still have the interests of their own church at heart. The principal is entirely the same here. Whilst each village would have a couple of representatives for the village, it would lead to long meetings dealing with issues which do not affect your own village, conflicts over where new build would be positioned and these are just a couple of examples. If one village becomes stronger the interests of that village will be served before our own. Do remember there is also only one Chariman who also has a casting vote if needed so which village would the chairman come from?

To date, no other village council has approached Bergh Apton about merging and we as your parish council feel a move like this would be detrimental. We wish to preserve the beauty and identity of the village and represent the Parishoners wishes.


To date, we as a Council had voted that this move would not take place however that decision on our part to date appears to have been disregarded and this recent article does not reflect the thoughts and feelings of your Parish Council. We have a new parish council now, with a new Chairman and Clerk and wish to keep you all fully appraised. Please do come along to the meetings and support what we do, you are very welcome and its very encouraging to hear from you. We have to be careful in these fast moving times that our wishes do not get overlooked and our interests are protected and that responsibility lies with your own Parish Council.

Julie Gosling
Clerk to Bergh Apton Parish Council

Community Governance Review – Please fill in the survey – SNDC view

The background is this…

There are 119 parishes in South Norfolk.  In 2015 only 19 held parish council elections, and many of those didn’t have elections in 2011, or 2007 either –  Bergh Apton is one of those parishes.

It’s not good for local democracy if those that govern us are not subject to election. Not only are many of our smallest parishes not elected, the proportion of the tax they raise that they spend on their own administration has got out of control.  In a small parish like Bergh Apton about 2/3 of the tax it raises is spent on the Clerk, Insurance – leaving just one third to be spent on the village.   If it was a charity it would be closed down, and Bergh Apton is not alone.

Now is the time to consider whether Bergh Apton and villages like it would be better served by joining together their Parish Councils.  There’s no question of removing the road signs and the village boundary would still exist.  It’s just that several parishes would club together to have a single Parish Council serving all of them.   Alpington and Yelverton have had a joint parish council for years.  Perhaps it’s time that Bergh Apton joined-up with neighbours too…

Ideally to get to about 1000 people instead of 300.   We need arrangements that are going to hold good for the NEXT 20 years that address the realisation that it’s difficult to get people to serve and to solve the problem of smaller parishes spending over half of their income on running costs.

South Norfolk is encouraging Parishes to think deeply about their future and want the initiative for any changed arrangement to come from them, a bottom up, not a top down process. Our consultation opens on 20 March and you can have your say by visiting


Due to the snap general election the consultation period has been extended for the South Norfolk Community Governance review. The deadline has now been moved back to July 12. The links to submit representations are below.


The first survey is for residents which will be put on our website




If you have any queries please feel free to contact the team.


Kind regards,