WW1 Commemoration project

Thirty seven men who died in the First World War (WW1) between 1914 and 1918 were born, baptised, educated or lived at some time in their short lives in Bergh Apton, and remembered on our war memorial.

The centennial Remembrance

On 26th October 2018, to honour their sacrifice and their place in Bergh Apton’s life, we shall erect thirty seven life-sized figures around the village  as part of the Nation’s commemmoration of the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Armistice  that brought the fighting to an end.

Each figure represents one of Bergh Apton’s fallen and is in the attitude known as “Resting on Arms Reversed” – a traditional attitude of respect and remembrance in which a soldier stands with his hands resting on the butt of his rifle that, turned upside down, rests on his right boot.

Where each figure will stand

Each figure stands outside, or as near as possible to, the house where we know, from our research, that this man lived.  They will remain in place until the end of November.  In the few cases where we cannot be sure where a man lived his figure stands on the roadside bank outside the parish church.

What the figure will tell you

Each figure bears the man’s name, his age, his Regiment or Corps, the date and place he died and where he is remembered on a military war memorial or buried in a military war cemetery.

Thus each man’s figure shows limited but essential information.  We have a lot more background information and images about most of our men so we we publish more about each man here on the village website to give it the widest possible circulation and access.

Development of the story

We will add to and edit this page as we go along . . . so there will be constant changes and developments that will gradually grow and, by 26th October, will incorporate the story of each man.  You will find them all by tapping their names below.

The Bergh Apton  Book of Remembrance

We have included below a copy of the Book of Remembrance kept in the Sanctuary of our parish church in which, as each year goes by, we turm the pages to mark the anniversary of each man’s death.  Tap the up and down arrows at the foot of the  Book’s image below and you can scroll through the story of the memorial and visit the page of each man – in the calendar order of the date of his death.

The work of Bergh Apton Local History Group

Research into Bergh Apton’s men is one of the element in the work of the Bergh Apton Local History Group (BALHG).  Research into the village’s connections with the two World Wars and the men on our war memorial is led by village residents and former serving soldiers John Ling (Royal Norfolk Regiment 1957-1960) and Chris Johnson (Royal Corps of Transport 1972-1975).

Our Battlefield Tours

Many of the photographs that will be published on this page were taken when John and Chris, with other members of BALHG, undertook a five-year pilgrimage to Belgium and Northern France in a 17 seater minibus carrying the message “Bergh Apton Remembers”.    The group visited every battlefield on which a Bergh Apton man died, and every War Cemeteries and War Memorial where our men are remembered.  This pilgrimage was not limited to the First World War so it took in  the World War Two (1939-1945) battlefields in Normandy and Italy where this younger generation of Bergh Apton soldiers, sailors and airmen are buried or remembered.

May they all rest in peace, their duty to this village and this Nation bravely done.

Book of Remembrance at is for Church - definitive

Walter Alexander