Bergh Apton

Originally, Bergh Apton was two separate villages; Apton to the north-west and Bergh to the south-east, each with its own church. Apton was served by the church of St. Martin which lay near the present day Church Farm on Dodgers Lane, its last recorded use being in 1555 and the remains being finally cleared in 1834. Bergh was served by the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul which stands on a low hill overlooking the River Chet which marks the southern boundary of the now combined parish. The church appears to have been reconstructed in the 14th century, with local flint with ashlar and brick details.[2]

Earlier settlement details are available from the Norfolk heritage trust.. and contain the following.

The parish of Bergh Apton, in South Norfolk, was once two settlements, Bergh, from the Old English meaning a ‘hill or mound’, and Apton, meaning a ‘farm or enclosure belonging to Api’.
There is some evidence for early occupation in the parish; Mesolithic flints (NHER 10306), Neolithic axes (NHER 10313, 10435 and 10436) have been found scattered throughout the parish. There are a number of Bronze Age barrows in the parish, most of which are clustered in the east of the parish, next to the parish boundary. The site of a possible Roman villa (NHER 10316) is in the south of the parish, close to the site of an Early Saxon cemetery (NHER 1011). Painted wall plaster, roof tile, pottery and coins have all been found at the site, but there is little other evidence for the lives of the rest of the inhabitants of Roman Bergh Apton, whose daily lives were presumably very different from those living in the villa.

For some reason, a Sculpture Trail of note was organised by the villagers who hold precious their community and work tirelessly to ensure it remains just that, a community.



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