Parish Council Minutes


Minutes of a Meeting of Bergh Apton Parish Council On Friday 23rd June 2017 at 7.00pm In The Village Hall

Members Present

Parish Members

David Skedge (Chair), Janet Skedge, Hugh Porter,          Renata Thornber, Richard Herring

In attendance:
Clerk Julie Gosling
There were no apologies for absence

Apologies For Absence and Declarations of Interest
There were 2 apologies for absence Cllr Barry Stone and Cllr John Fuller

Minutes of Meeting Held on 17th May 2017
The minutes of the meetings held on 17th May were approved and signed by the Chairman

Matters Arising
There were no matters arising


Public Consultation

Co-Opt New Parish Councillor
John Ling and Paul Thornber were voted in unanimously to join the Parish Council and the declarations of acceptance of office were signed at the meeting. All new Councillors to complete Register of Interest forms and return to the Clerk.

County Councillor’s Report – Barry Stone
Councillor’s report was presented to the meeting

District Councillor’s Report – John Fuller
No report received for this meeting

Clerk to contact Inspector to request notification of date when playground will be inspected and to organise on site meeting with Councillors.

Working party to consider the refurbishment of the play area and report back to future meeting (Hugh Porter, John Ling and Richard Herring)

Bus Shelter Repairs
Albeit the shelter is located in Alpington it is believed it had been commissioned and purchased by Bergh Apton Parish Council.

The shelter had been inspected and minor repairs required – to be undertaken by Richard Herring.

Account audit progress – Clerk reported that this was ongoing with Auditors
Two new signatories for Bank Account – David Skedge able to sign, Hugh Porter awaiting confirmation from bank, all details required forwarded to them for approval.
Cheque was raised and approved for the Clerk’s training course – £45.00
Cheque was raised and approved for the BT Phonebox – £1.00

Community Governance Review
The Clerk had submitted the Parish Council’s survey to South Norfolk Council.

The Parish Council are keen that parishoners are able to submit resident surveys, giving their views, and as the Review had not been widely publicised will communicate with villagers to bring this to their attention, via the Bergh Apton website, email and visits.

Where residents are unable to access the online survey the Parish Council will provide a collection point for surveys so they may be delivered to South Norfolk before the deadline of 12th July.

Greater Norwich Local Plan
The Parish Council have prepared text illustrating their views on Bergh Apton being  considered a service village and by definition ‘open’ to large scale residential development.  The appeal drafted by John Ling was approved and is to be forwarded to South Norfolk Council and the Greater Norwich Local Plan Partnership.


Community Infrastructure Levy  
Clerk to establish criteria for expenditure and report back to next meeting in order that Councillors can consider suitable projects.

Planning Applications
Goose Barn, School Road – Mrs J Byford – new entrance lobby and bedroom – Approved, no comments or objections
Primrose Bank, Church Meadow Lane – Mr A Widdows – single storey extension and alterations – Approved, no comments or objections

Plaque for Rowan
No progress – to be put on next Agenda

Adoption of Telephone Box
BT had forwarded the contract for signing to transferring ownership to Bergh Apton Parish Council.   Clerk to consider documentation and request further information from BT re payment.

The Parish Council discussed issues around using the Bergh Apton website as a platform and agreed that in order to develop the facility they wished to invite the Webmaster to the next meeting.  Clerk to arrange.

Events and Correspondence
CPRE meeting 19th July  – 4 councillors wished to attend with a further possible attendee to confirm after meeting
South Norfolk Older Persons Forum – no Councillors to attend
Planning Enforcement – Clerk summarised the recently published South Norfolk document – noted and filed for future reference
Cookes Road Development Newsletter – to be posted on Parish noticeboards.

Items for Future Agendas

  • Plaque for the Rowan – Hugh Porter
  • Adoption of Telephone box paperwork – Julie Gosling
  • Report on CPRE meeting
  • Speed Management

Future Dates for Meetings: 25th July, 20th September,  22nd November

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