Parish Council

Bergh Apton Parish Council


Population: 428
Households: 186
Area:805 hectares

What is it?

The parish council are dedicated to representing your our interests within the village.  These interests may then be escalated to district or county council attention.

What can I do to help?

It can only be as effective as our involvement in it permits.
Members stand for election; the next opportunity to stand is this spring.

What happens if we are not involved?

If there are not enough people to form an effective council, the council will be subsumed into the holding authority – in the case of Bergh Apton that means Loddon.  Loddon is a great town; however it cannot be expected to understand Bergh Apton issues the way that Bergh Aptonites do!

What else?

Parish council meetings are open to the public, some come along! Typically they last a couple of hours but attendees are not obliged to stay for the duration.

They are run according to an agenda and the minutes of the meeting are published.

Please click BerghAptonParishAgenda for an example of a recent agenda.

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