Mystery Play read through.


7pm Wednesday 22 Jan Bergh Apton Village Hall
Hugh Lupton, the Master storyteller, has finished writing the script of The Legend of the Rood! It is fantastic.

Hugh in 2011
Our guide

So, we have reached a critical stage.

Your presence is really needed whether you’ve acted or not (& might like to give it a try), especially if you are from
Framingham Pigot, Alpington, Yelverton, Bergh Apton, Thurton, Ashby St Mary, Carleton St Peter, Claxton, Hellington,
Rockland St Mary, Bramerton, Surlingham & Kirby Bedon,
to take part in the First Read through
Please do try to be there.

The evening, with Hugh Lupton & David Farmer, the acclaimed Stage Director, will involve reading the play &
getting a clearer idea of what roles will be offered to whom.David Farmer
We are looking for as many as 50 actors!!!

You may have indicated an interest already or you may have heard nothing about the Plays at all.
You may even have said you have no interest. In which case I would be grateful if you would reconsider.
But your help would be greatly appreciated to put together a fun, enjoyable set of plays. WE are getting there.

Please let us know if you can be there & we will send a copy of the script in plenty of time.
You needn’t memorise it but you might like to have read it by 22nd, altho’ you don’t have to.

See you on 22nd