Items of local interest:
The Bergh Apton News Letter will be published here.

Due to issues with security you may download the pdf of the news letter below.
You can contact the editor, Milton Harris, by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

Bergh Apton News Letter :-

Current Issue


BANewsletter Issue 152 pdf BANewsletter Issue 151 pdf

Issue 150 Berghapton News Letter

Issue 149 Berghapton News Letter

Issue 148 Berghapton News Letter

Issue 147 Berghapton News Letter

Issue 146 Berghapton News Letter (August 2016)

Issue 145 Berghapton News Letter (June 2016)

Issue 144 Bergh Apton News Letter (April 2016)

Issue 143 Bergh Apton News Letter (jan 2016)

Issue 142 Bergh Apton News Letter

Issue 141 Bergh Apton News Letter BANewsletter Issue 141 pdf

Issue 140 Bergh Apton News Letter August and September 2015

Issue 139 Bergh Apton News Letter June and July 2015

Issue 138 Bergh Apton News Letter April and May 2015

Issue BANewsletter Issue 137 pdf (January/February 2015)

Issue 136 Bergh Apton News Letter (December/January 2015)


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